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Encore Art Shop

Thank you for taking an interest in my artistic journey!

I realized pretty early on that one medium inspired me to try another and so Encore Art Shop was born!

It all began with dogs. That probably sounds strange, but it’s true! Being that I’ve been surrounded by dogs my entire life, it was easy to begin photographing them, then creating crocheted graphgans with custom made images of dogs, watercolor dog portraits and even ceramics frequently centered on dogs. I try my best to live my life and create my art like a dog lives its life – Living in the moment and loving every second.

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Watercolor Portfolio

Find available watercolor prints in the Shop. Commission are available by Contacting Us.

Current Commission Prices

5×7″ painting matted to 8×10″: $130
8×10″ painting matted to 11×14″: $190
11×14″ painting matted to 16×20″: $260

Ceramics Portfolio

Kiln unloading day is so exciting! I usually post an album on Facebook with available pieces before I update the Shop. Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to get notice of when the kin will be unloaded.


Wood Working Portfolio

There are very few things I love more than walking into local lumber mills. The variety! The smells! I love it all! I tend to lean toward carving art pieces and my dad loves creating unique, usable items. Both of our pieces will be available in the Shop soon.